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    Abdullah Musa

    Hubris is a word that I don’t need to define.
    But that word happens to define the attitude of ASUU members over the years.
    If Nigeria is not developed one can say it is because of those who manage it’s educational system.
    Generally, Nigerians are given to excesses in their different callings. Academics should not believe they know best how Nigeria is to be run. They don’t. Many of them contribute to the retardation of the nation. But they won’t accept it, they define themselves as gods.
    If strike is the only weapon known by academics to solve their issues with government, then they have brains of touts.
    Over the years ASUU members (particularly union leaders) have found it profitable to blackmail those in power. After every strike they would be paid their arrears of salaries, and they would go back to strike again tomorrow.
    Who is interested in finding out who the employees of private universities are?
    Most likely they have have no permanent and pensionable employees. Their ’employees’ are those employed by public universities.
    One wonders why ASUU members want to kill public universities.
    Blackmail is the tool employed by Nigerian elites against ordinary citizens.
    May be the colonisers were saner, they could balance personal interest against public good.


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