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    A word they say is enough for the wise. This also has been my thinking and fears.

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    Sir Chris

    The time has come for Nigerians with human blood in them to speak out and speak up before it is too late.
    Let us not forget, those who think that thier children are residing outside the country and therefore will not be affected by the genocidal war, may not relax. The impending dum will sweep the country away and make Ruanda a child’s play. Those children will loose thier heritage, country and nationality. They may even loose thier direction in life.
    May God help us to structure our way out of the impending du-u- um.

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    Auwal Abdullah

    Hm.. May Almighty Allah See us through!!!

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      Tofa go and sleep.. remember what you guys did to abiola? You and babangida never thought of war then…

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    Edet Umo

    It is not about politics or the political parties.
    It is not about your current position in government or what you are benefiting at the moment.
    It is about Nigeria.
    We all MUST speak out and save our land from the warlords

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    Niger Delta Crisis, Boko Haram, experience is the best teacher, it’s too late to cry when the head is off, Nigerians be wise, we need the voices of our heroes, My mentors, GEN,IBN,GEN ABUDSALEM,GEN OBJ, JAMES IBORI.THANKS DON’T BE TIRE FOR THE STRUGGLE OF PEACE IN THIS NATION.


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