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    Abdullahi Musa

    The fact of Atiku’s campaign poster appearing in the article can make us believe the writer is rooting for Atiku.
    Nothing wrong with that. If there is any flaw, it is in refusing to bring into focus other relevant factors that made Asiwaju Bola Ahmad Tinubu to stake the claim that it is his turn.
    The author himself acknowledged that Asiwaju was instrumental in the formation of APC.
    Not only that, he it was who influenced the voting pattern or behaviour : that South West always voted for its own, and made a significant portion of it to vote for Buhari.
    Believing it is the turn of South to produce the president, APC governors ‘tactifully’ withdrew from the race, lined up behind Tinubu instead of his former protégé, Pastor Osinbajo who is still a serving Vice president, ( a seat that actually belonged to Tinubu, but robbed because in Nigeria’s political arrangement a Southerner becomes a Muslim to his political peril, just as it insists that a Christian president cannot come from Northern Nigeria)
    The falsity of our nation is attested to by the threat of the nation’s disintegration any time presidential election is around the corner.
    Is Atiku destined to become president purely by the number of his previous attempts?
    That I doubt. His success might come about if Northern voters come to believe that they owe Tinubu nothing irrespective of the wishes of APC governors, and if religious bigots like Obasanjo convince a significant number of Christian Yoruba that it is better to vote a Christian Igbo in the person of Peter Obi than a Yoruba Muslim in the person of Bola Ahmad Tinubu.
    The older generation of Nigerians might have to accept it that a united Nigeria is not achievable in their lifetime.


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