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    Abdullah Musa

    A tall order one might say, given the nature of our societies!
    The fact is, the nuances involved in the governance of societies are not natural to an illiterate people.
    Conquest by White people, the imposition of their system of governance has not turned us into a people who have imbibed some lofty values with which to govern societies.
    Why should people primitive kill one another due to differences in belief system or ethnic make-up.
    Waging war is not really the best example of underdeveloped minds, The Russian -Ukraine war illustrates this.
    What attests to underdevelopment is a people’s inability to either put structures that will organise their societies, or domesticate the imposed ones.
    Many African tribes want to govern themselves. But the nation state system compels them to share life with their enemies.
    So it comes to be that fighting the state is what all are united doing.


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