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    Dr. John O. Magbadelo

    This write-up is a hatchet job against ASUU, and I know quite well that it does not in any way vitiate the demands of ASUU for improved funding of our public universities. The high incidence of sexploitation and plagiarism in our public universities could be seen as a reflection of the un-academic environment created by the absence of requisite infrastructure and amenities well-suited for tertiary institutions of learning. Most public universities in Nigeria do not have scholarship schemes for brilliant but indigent students. If the funding situation of Nigeria’s tertiary education system does not improve, our public universities will continue to produce unemployable graduates armed with degree certificates that certify ignorance and emptiness. The Federal Government should, as a matter of urgency, declare a state of emergency in the tertiary education sector and decisively roll out more funds into that sector and establish a strict Monitoring and Evaluation(M&E) regime to ensure transparency and accountability in the utilization of funds. The government should set up a visitation panel to go round all the public universities and report on their current conditions including their personnel(academic and non-academic).


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