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    Abdullah Musa

    A lot of of water has passed under the bridge since PRP made its debut in 1978.
    In 1979 it had two governors, with Balarabe Musa later being impeached by NPN-controlled Kaduna State Assembly.
    Aminu Kano was able to resonate well with the Talakawa, while Rimi was able inspire the youths.
    Balarabe Musa was a good, honest man, but he didn’t have the appeal when he contested for governorship again after his impeachment.
    If Falalu Bello would be honest to himself, the question to ask is: what qualified him to lead PRP save for the fact that his father associated with Balarabe Musa in NEPU?
    Falalu Bello is an Establishment man, made enough hay from the Establishment, and can thus not speak for, nor arouse the Talakawa.
    Kwankwaso built a cult-like followership from 1999 to date. A PRP gubernatorial candidate stood no chance against his candidate.
    LP was used by religious and ethnic bigots to appeal to the bigoted, and Southern youths were brainwashed to believe Peter Obi is closer to them in age.
    It is possible in the future that a charismatic politician would infuse new life into PRP to enable it win elections.
    But I doubt if that politician would be Falalu Bello.


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