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    Abdullah Musa

    The Left disdains material acquisitions.
    There is the deep-rooted belief that ALL material acquisitions were achieved at the expense of others. Or no one has any right to salt away anything while the needy are in millions.
    In the absence of a state that ensures from each according to his ability and to each according to his need, it is a dereliction of duty to oneself to refuse to work, to keep in store the reward of one’s endeavour.
    Unlike the Left, Islaam allows private enterprise. It did not create a State where everybody worked for the State, but that Zakat (poor-due) is compulsory on certain aspects of wealth like cash, farm produce, and animals once they reach the approved benchmark.
    Richard Umaru was said to have adopted a habit which with ordinary people usually led to indolence. The badge of the Left was however used to give stamp of approval to failure.
    If the Left is to have any value in the African setting, in a modern setting, it should be to make sure public service works optimally for the good of all.
    Private enterprise is a global heritage of human kind, disparaging it will surely lead to penury.


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