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    Abdullah Musa

    Chief Matthew Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) is a very crafty old man, and a wily General.
    I am not interested in his scorecard as Head of State nor as first executive president of Nigeria from 1999.
    What he has been doing since he left office is what interests me.
    He has positioned himself as the single largest shareholder of Nigeria incorporated. That being the case, he reserves the exclusive right to singlehandedly determine who becomes it’s CEO.
    He imposed a terminally ill ‘Yar Adua as president, some said it was with intent to enthrone his Vice ( Jonathan Goodluck) as president.
    He achieved that. May be it was after falling out with Goodluck that he half heartedly supported Buhari. There too, the honeymoon did not last long.
    Now he is said to be rooting for Peter Obi. Atiku was his Vice in a tumultuous eight year reign, but it was only the Courts that ensured Atiku completed his two terms.
    Bishop Kukah, dragging Shaykh Gumi Jnr in tow, took Atiku to Obasanjo for Atiku to seek Obasanjo’s forgiveness. For the media, he said he had forgiven him. But if Atiku wanted Obasanjo’s endorsement to be Nigeria’s president he sought forgiveness from a god that does not forgive transgression against his godly powers. Obasanjo pulled Peter Obi to his bosom. More so, some said Obasanjo’s actual father was an Igbo man, so blood is thicker than water.
    The odds against Atiku with regards Obasanjo’s endorsement are principally three: one, when Obasanjo was seeking second term, the political muscle of Atiku forced Obasanjo to do DUBALE to him. How can Obasanjo forget that insult? Two, Atiku is a Northerner, and Obasanjo’s lair is the South, not Nigeria. Three, Atiku is a Muslim, and Obasanjo’s doctorate degree is in Christian theology not Islamic Studies.
    But a fellow Yoruba is also seeking to be president, on the platform of APC. What has watered the tribal bond? The name of APC’s presidential candidate is Asiwaju Bola AHMAD Tinubu. I leave readers to link the dots. And remember, it was the Jagaban as governor of Lagos state who resisted the onslaught of Obasanjo’s PDP when it took over South West. In vengeance, Obasanjo withheld the grants due to Lagos LGs throughout his second term. And in geopolitical terms, Obasanjo would want to remain the only ex president in South West, so unless Providence intervenes he would ensure the Jagaban sinks into the deepest part of the lagoon, politically that is.
    I doubt if South westerners would vote for anyone because of Obasanjo’s endorsement. Then why do presidential candidates seek it? Obasanjo has Masters abroad. They chose him ( or he ingratiated himself to them ) to protect their interests in Nigeria.
    You know Nigeria, like all other African countries, is still a colony.
    You can’t become a president without their nod.
    And today, Obasanjo, not IBB, is the Slave Trader in Chief.
    Abdullahi Musa writes from Kano


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