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    Master Benjamin Achem

    Hmm,Comraɗe John oɗah is in trouble indeed.it only troubles him cus hes cncrnd.de reason underdevelopmnt thrives in a society like ours is ɓcus genuine pipo like our dear comrade,are nt interested in politics.according to pst.Enenche,…if u leave politics for dirty pipo,dey will dirty ur destiny… It troubles him cuz hes nt in mainstream politics to turn tinz arnd n it will cntinue to trouble him if he dosnt wake up unto political consciousenes.his boss adams oshiomohle is up there nw n who says our own comraɗe cnt? We all knw dat john odah was de brain box of oshiomhle’s efficiently glamourose labour union regime.de qustn is,why is our amiaɓly gallant comrade teking forever to climb his throne? Nt untill he answers dis qustn,he will cntinually be troubled by de misrule of dumb politians. WAKE UP THE MAN WEY SABI !!!


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