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    Ihembe Martin

    Dr Sir, this is indeed a brilliant scientific piece which has clearly analysed the possible outcome of the Wednesday presidential election. Since 2007, I’ve followed with keen interest political developments in Sierra Leone after Dr Ernest Koroma was defeated Slomon Berewa of the SLPP. What interests me most is the emergence of a new political force in the 2018 presidential election – NGC. Even though Nigeria has played a significant in Sierra Leone’s political history, it has so much to learn from Sierra Leone brilliant move at bringing a formidable force which is now acting as a game changer. A candidate like Kandeh Yumkella is what the “ill fated” THIRD FORCE is lacking in Nigeria. APC and SLPP in Sierra Leone are like PDP and APC in Nigeria. While Sierra Leone seem to be getting it right, Nigeria is battling with changing the traditional thieving political parties without success.

    Ihembe, Martin


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