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    Dr. Magbadelo John O

    The late Dr .Bala Usman was a radical historian of worth. He contributed immensely to radical scholarship and advocacy. It is painful that Ahmadu Bello University has not deemed it fit and proper to honour him with a professorial award. No memorial Annual lecture programme has been organized by either the ABU or the Department of History of the University to immortalize him. The way we treat our dead scholars of high repute would determine the level of seriousness that the wider society and indeed succeeding generations would attached to academic excellence. 12 years on, no festschrift or collection of articles in honour of Dr. Bala Usman has been published. This is not good. The point here is that we should celebrate accomplished scholars and academic advocates and social critics or public intellectuals who brought scholarship out of the academia to the wider society. Like Bala Usman, Professors Claude Ake, Bade Onimode, Segun Osoba, Eskor Toyo, Tijani Kyari, etc have not been celebrated posthumously; it is not too late to make amends. the Universities where these fine scholars gave their best should take the challenge by rolling out relevant remembrance schemes for these great minds and others.


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