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    Abdullah Musa

    Millions were born into a Nigeria that does not work, or does not work properly.
    But within those millions are those who were privileged to have studied and worked in countries that work very well.
    Wanting to escape from justifiable censure, they want to prove that they do not come from a retarded race.
    Millions outside the formal economy have different aspirations from those who are educated, been-tos. These millions want as little government interference in their lives as possible.
    What is their number one need? That Nigeria should restore it’s open, extemely porous borders so that commerce thrives.
    Rice! Rice! Rice!
    To those who believe in Paradise, Nigerians’ obsession with unfettered supply of foreign rice might incline them to believe rice is a heavenly cuisine.
    The traditional Societal setting has nothing to do with a nation. People just knew themselves as economic beings, each striving his or her utmost to discharge the responsibility of being alive.
    How can a people with different cultures, genetic make-up, conflicting religions (read tribes, ethnic groups) come together to pursue a foreign contraption called nation?
    Even as we are electioneering towards the coming elections, some people in Plateau are submitting demands as “ethnic nationalities” not as Nigerians. And in SE, IPOB members in continuation of their reign of terror have just beheaded a local government Chairman and advertising it to the world.
    And neither the state government nor the federal government has solution to that insanity.
    The quest for a Messiah is not a a Nigerian aspiration. Buhari was the Messianic aspiration of Northerners. The Messianic garb wrapped around Peter Obi is for the attainment of Igbo/ Christian (particularly Catholic) elites agenda.
    The global political system is not ready to accommodate thousands of independent nations.
    So if ‘ethnic nationalities ‘ such as the Igbos feel that a murderous campaign to make their areas ungovernable is their answer to ego problem, they will be allowed the long rope to hang or destroy themselves.
    At the end, it will be a contest between them and the leeches to whom Nigeria as configured is a paradise.


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