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    Mallam Mohammed Lawal Name (required)

    yes Nigerians can see who is hovering malice against President Buhari. IBB is to this country, he legitimise corruption and even encourage the then ruling military elites to wanton corrupt with impunity, Wallahi that was the beginning of monumental corruption that follows subsequently during different regimes. The climax is during Good Luck tenure. just imagine the trillion of Naira discovered 80% of which is linked to IBB’S protégé, former advice and God father!!! unbelievable and God forbid. this is IBB’S legacy for Nigeria. Who knows Sambo might be sharing the money with IBB’S BLOOD MONEY, money for exciting war in N/E, some people shared the money and don’t give a damn, soldiers losing their lives in thousands, civilians- killed in thousands, displaced in millions, CHILDREN ORPHANED in hundred of thousands.
    ibb shouldn’t burry his head in shame, Buhari has right to respond, even though I would have wished Buhari the shameless Gen., President Buhari by God’s grace is laughing last and will laugh last. remember IBB wanted to be a civilians president, OBJ rejected him and Nigeria hailed OBJ.

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    Mallam Mohammed Lawal

    yes IBB is the culprit that Institulised CORRUPTION in Nigeria. Look at What Col Sambo did! Sambo was IBB’S ADC and his protégé. who knows they ma be even sharing the Blood money. Thousands Soldiers killed, millions civilians displaced and killed, hundreds thousands children orphaned.


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