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    Abdullah Musa

    Many are knowledgeable on how a system can be used to a leadership most suitable to it. I am not among those many.
    To show their willingness to ‘sacrifice’ for Nigeria then president Buhari and his Vice decided to voluntarily accept a pay cut of 50%. No minister emulated them, neither members of National Assembly. They were not in power to make sacrifice, they were in power to line their pockets as much as they could.
    If H E Kashim Shattima was examplary as governor, certainly he did not perform as Zulum is performing now. Meaning that it was not the system that produced Zulum, Zulum produced himself.
    There are governors whose tenure coincided with the first term of Zulum, but they are not in need of the accolades being heaped on Zulum, they prefer the weight of dollars in their bank accounts.
    Tradition of Enlightenment produced many examplary leaders in Europe, America. I do not know which system produced Lee Kuan Yew, but I am inclined to believe he produced himself,stayed long enough to set up a political system that would outlast him.
    Mao initiated the Long March, from which he set up the Communists party. Despite its structural changes, it still retains the organisational strategies of the Communist party

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    Dr Bukar USMAN mni

    I absolutely concur with your comments on “Zulum produced himself” but not that the system is well entrenched to produce such leaders. It is our prayers that whoever that might fit in his shoes should supercede him just as he outperformed his predecessor. Once again thank you for the comments


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