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    Abdullah Musa

    It was not the heading of your article.
    Your article was about the need for another Prof Jubril Aminu @NUC.
    Meaning that the present, or successive leadership at NUC has not measured up to the standard set by Prof Aminu.
    Why did Prof Aminu succeed? He succeeded not because the system expected or compelled him to succeed, but because he was Prof Aminu.
    Had he failed, nobody would have censored him. Now the he succeeded, nobody cares, except for the likes of people at INTERVENTION.
    Why? Our foolishness is underwritten by crude oil.
    There are hundreds if not thousands of institutions whose reason for existence is just because the Constitution says so, or the yearly budget captures them.
    Nobody feels the pain when resources are wsated, and there is no price to pay where we are incompetent.
    Oloyede at JAMB is being celebrated, he is another Prof Aminu.
    Before him JAMB was a trading outfit, for the sale of scores to highest bidder. It was reported as being an ethnic/ religious dungeon…..with chief executive being surrounded by kinsmen, worship centre associates.
    Like ministerial appointments, even the heading of agencies was seen as reward for political participation…..if the head has to deliver, it is to his kinsmen and women and the person who appointed him.
    Few dared to be different, to give to the institution, the nation, what is due to them.
    It is possible a couple of tribes in Nigeria could strive for excellence were they to be independent of Nigeria.
    But when a president wins election on the basis of ethnicity and religion, the model permeates everywhere, not only in NUC.
    For whatever its flaws, those who are insisting on restructuring have a point.
    Why should it be accepted as divine that Nigeria and it’s institutions must always fail?


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