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    Abdullah Musa

    I won’t delve into the brainteasers that were packed into that article.
    What I want to do, which of certainty will be ignored, is to bring into focus of how a people accepted, took (take) pride in the name given to them by their enemies.
    The Left!
    Automatically there must be The Right.
    I am not in a position to say it is a global practice, but my observation is that many races shake hands with right hand.
    In Islam’s Qur’an, it says there are people of the Right and people of the Left.
    The people of the Right will go to Paradise, while the people of the Left will go to Hell.
    So the question is: if those that belong to the Establishment did not brand their adversaries The Left, did it mean those branded had no identity?
    As a Muslim, believing in the Qur’an, I dare not accept The Left as my identity, destination.


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