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    Abdullah Musa

    A news item I saw this morning was saying that half-clad women were demonstrating in front of US embassy over the 2023 presidential election.it
    One can interprete it as one wishes. But my perception is that it is a manifestation of a deep-seated belief of many Black men and women that the White race is their succour when they fight the local elite.
    The local elite on the other hand are forced to operate in a system which has been rigged against them.
    What is more, many of the ruling elite are baited to stash their loot in Europe and America.
    Much of such loot are not in control of the looters, and even the fraction that is disclosed is released back to the victim country piecemeal with conditionality.
    Do Black leaders lack management capability? Seems so. But what is more glaring to me is identity crisis.
    One is blocked by one’s mind from hating one’s teacher. A teacher from whom you can never graduate.
    Yet reality teaches us that the said teacher ( the White race) is an adversary who has the upper hand.
    Through series of intrigues, they ensure that Black leadership is always found wanting.
    Their preference is to have in place ‘leaders’ who are totally answerable to the West. They cannot have it otherwise.
    Peter Obi, the defeated presidential aspirant is calling on his supporters to take back their country. From whom? From Tinubu of course. The supporters would handover the country to Obi, who in turn would hand it over to his Masters, financiers ( the Western Establishment).
    Three emotional pillars are being used to destroy Nigeria: ethnicity, religion and youthful exuberance.
    Was Peter Obi ever an examplary governor? He was not, and it is irrelevant.
    What is relevant is that he represents HATRED. And a person consumed by hatred is not amenable to any form of reasoning.
    This is compounded by the fact that the roaring furnace that powers the hatred is outside the country.
    Western Establishment has decided to use 2023 general elections to move against Nigeria.
    They can use Peter Obi to destabilise Nigeria for as long as it suits them.
    The solid rock they stand upon is that Nigerians cannot unite for their common good.


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