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    Abdullah Musa

    I have not seen the picture, but I can comment all the same.
    The colonial origin of modern power gave the police Force the orientation to see every dissent as rebellion, potential insurrection. Thus it must always be quashed.
    The fear is always lurking in the background that given free reins, members of the opposition have the tendency to want to make societies ungovernable.
    Seemingly innocent, students, through their Unions are tools in the power game.
    We, collectively, are unable to back away from the precipice.
    The for power never stops. But as long as those who capture power are not allowed the basic freedom to keep society stable, then anarchy looms.
    And to the members of the Left, that anarchy is their lifetime goal.
    They want to come to power through revolution, but certainly not through the ballot box.
    Majority of members of society must be educated enough before Police cold be expected to be more civil.


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