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    Abdullah Musa

    Nations have fortunes and misfortunes.
    Good life, political stability are dependent on how a nation manages it’s fortunes or misfortunes. We had oil windfalls which were squandered.
    We have mineral resources which are stolen by foreigners
    For years now bandits, terrorists are having the upper hand over our security agencies.
    But all these pale into insignificance when former leaders, or those who reached the pinnacle in security agencies come to believe that their tenure is for life.
    That the nation, or its new leaders must always take direction from them.
    Wish is pardonable. But active plots to destabilise a nation just because your candidate is not winning an election is irresponsible.
    Nigeria is a very large nation: in landmass and population.
    But Obasanjo and his co-fellow travellers have been able to turn such a big nation into a village hamlet.
    Why? Because of our faultlines: religion, region, tribe.
    There used to be a time in Nigeria’s history when IBB was considered as the alpha and omega in the coming to power of anyone in Nigeria. Today, Obasanjo, T Y Danjuma are claiming the position, but destructively. That is , they can ignite fires by exploiting any of the stated faultlines.
    Democracy depends on the politicians. They are supposed to educate, direct voters to imbue democratic values.
    Because they fail the challenge, the Obasanjos find operating space.
    If Tinubu succeeds in winning this election, he will have the opportunity of saving Nigeria and Nigerians from the misguided intervention of an Obasanjo.
    Were Obasanjo given to reflection, he would have asked himself: why is Goodluck Jonathan not calling for the cancellation of the election?


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