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    Abdullahi Musa

    Humans it is who invented dangerous or destructive sports such as boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and even the Roman gladiators of old.
    Why is this reference relevant? To show that we may conciously follow the path od destruction.
    Vicious sports are possibly meant to provide a catharsis of some sorts to passive viewers, who have within them the murderous instincts.
    So how can our politics be different?
    Theorists are quick to jump to defense of peaceful politicking by giving the example of Western world.
    However, Barack Obama, a Nobel Peace prize winner sanctioned the destruction of Libya because American society measures the virility of their president by their ability to wage war on other countries however tiny.
    Opinion: no nation on earth is configured like Nigeria. Most nations are structured such that there is a dominant tribe that calls the shots, others simply become happy with their allotted slots.
    Nigeria is different. It has three major tribes, two different, conflicting religions.
    Interestingly ( I would prefer to say unfortunately ), each major tribe has a presidential candidate, and Christianity has a Peter Obi, while ‘Islaam’ has an Atiku and a Tinubu.
    CAN is there to galvanise it’s flock that on no account should ‘Islaam’ be allowed triumph over ‘Christianity’ (read, the influence of Pastors ) , while on the other hand Ohanaeze is there reminding Igbos that IT IS THEIR TURN TO RULE, and Hausas/ Fulani herdsmen should never be allowed to ever rule over Nigeria again.
    Recipe for disaster? I leave readers to draw their conclusions.
    Many commentators have, over the years, harped on what they call ‘elite consensus’, to agree on who should lead Nigeria.
    This far, the elites are dyed in the color of their ethnic groups and religions.
    They are, in most cases, ambassadors of their ethnic associations.
    Nigeria is a sociological/ political nightmare.


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