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    Abdullah Musa

    There is a magnetic pull that one may try to resist, but unfortunately the pull is stronger than the will.
    That ‘pull’ is one’s genetic make-up, extending as it were, to a people’s genetic make-up.
    Living in today’s world, one is forced to accept there is something called achievement, even the ability to achieve destructive capacity.
    The Chinese General enchanted the writer. Here, I mean in Nigeria, Generals are a dime a dozen. A General was easily killed in Plateau, body dumped in a well, and as far as the remaining Generals who are alive are concerned, that is the end of the story.
    A retired Colonel was kidnapped in Zamfara recently, so was a newly posted DPO (was it in Plateau? ), all quite easily, like chicken.
    Apologies to the hen, an examplary creature! It does not allow you to catch it easily. It is assiduous in search of food. And can it protect its brood! It can fly high up to rescue it’s chicken from a bird of prey.
    Here we have a General in his eighth year as president. As a shepherd, he leaves his flock at the mercy of terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers.
    Unperturbed, he must be sleeping soundly every night.


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