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    Abdullahi Musa

    There are many Nigerians like this author who wish the country well.
    Those who are in the age bracket of sixty to ninety are fewer than those who are between eighteen and fifty.
    It might be safe to say if there are any who were adults in 1914 ( the year of the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Protectorates) they must be extremely few.
    What I am trying to point out is that millions were born into Nigeria, they know not any other contraption.
    A country must be governed. The direction a country is to take must be planned for.
    But Nigeria is challenged by a segment of its population that insists it must be broken up.
    On that aspiration a civil war was fought. On that same aspiration, more than fifty years later, a vicious terrorism is being planted.
    The author wants us to forget ethnicity and religion in electing leaders in 2023.
    We can’t. Neither can we forget regionalism.
    The killings, bombings, destruction of federal infrastructure taking place in a certain region are some people’s message that their region must produce the president or there will be no peace.
    The entire terrorism industry flourishing in the country has everything to do with both internal and external politics.
    Nigerian politicians from the North and South have a heritage from the First republic. Religion, ethnicity, organised mayhem are tools which they inherited in order to capture power. They know no other way.
    Obasanjo’s endorsement of Peter Obi can be interpreted in two ways: That Obasanjo insists he will be selecting the person to be president of Nigeria for as long as possible.
    Two, he might be telling his foreign Masters that Obi deserves their support.
    There are no Nigerian politicians available yet, who can practice politics devoid of religion, ethnicity, or even violence.


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