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    This article is an assessment of the first regime of President Buhari from 1984-1985 which turned the lives of Nigerians upside down from an almost almost idyllic state.
    What was life like in terms of cost of living, exchange rate, security before the regime of PMB? 650 naira exchanged for 1000 usd ( 65 kobo for 1 usd). A brand new Toyota Corolla , panel van was sold for 3500 naira ( Three thousand five hundred naira) a Peugeot 504 car was sold for 4,800 naira. a bag of 50 kg elephant port land cement sold for 5 naira. Nigeria Airways had 32 aircrafts, flight to UK return ticket was 350 naira, visa was issued at destination. Jakande low cost houses sold for 6,000-20,000 naira for a 3 bedroom flat, a 50 kg rice was sold for 15 naira from Nigeria National Supply Company. Compare all of these with Nigeria of today
    So, what went wrong? It will be too simple to place the blame on PMB, IBB, the military etc
    The fundamental problem of Nigeria is the UNITARY SYSTEM. Nigeria is a country of nations and not one nation, which cannot be ruled by a strong centralized government. Nigeria is at the tipping point, and if the government is not decentralized now, the incoming government, if any , will not be able to hold the country together. And it is the responsibility of this administration to save the country by creating STATE POLICE to contain the serious state of insecurity and handover other areas of governance to the federated states, except for foreign affairs, immigration, currency control, the ports, army.
    Sudan broke up because the two nations, North and South could not resolve their differences amicably by operating as two nations in one country. Nigeria must learn from this experience.


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