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    Abdullah Musa

    It is norma to write: Nature is kind, when circumstances which are outside our control favor us. Being human, we pass adverse judgement when we become saddled with unfavorable circumstances.
    As a Muslim, I do not believe in Nature as a conscious, all powerful being. In its stead, I believe in Allah as the Supreme Being, the originator and Sustainer of the universe.
    Why make the religious reference? Because I am tempted to write that Nigerians are unfortunate for being trapped in a nation that is not their creation.
    The mildest consequence was the civil war. The gravest consequence being the internal hemorrhage that has been going on since then.
    Oil from Niger Delta does not belong to Nigeria according to natives. It belongs to them. And who are they? They are members of their respective tribes, they do not intend to be Nigerians, since being Nigerians entails sharing oil wealth with others.
    Is Kolmani oil going to be a Nigerian oil? Who knows?
    Managing diversity could have meant exploiting the talents of those upon whom Nigeria was imposed.
    But that seems to be a mirage. Even if all geopolitical zones are having equal resources, ethnicity will compel some to believe they are better off as a zone exclusive to their ethnic group alone.
    Kolmani oil instead of unifying the country might end up being a weapon in the hands of secessionists: now that you have oil (as Northerners) Why not let us go our separate ways, you with your Boko Haram and hordes of beggars, while we go with our cultists, drugs peddlers, baby factories etc.
    In the creation of Nigeria, has Allah tasked us with a burden beyond our ability?
    The Qur’an says ‘no’, that Allah does not burden a soul with much more than it can bear.
    Somebody gifted you an umbrella. In your ‘wisdom’ you punctured holes into it for better ventilation. When the rains come and you get drenched, whose fault?
    Nigeria? Perception is the real problem.


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