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    Abdullah Musa

    Racism against Black people is nearly global.
    It reached alarming proportions in Latin America.
    How many did the Spaniards kill to establish their colonies?
    Where the color is same, as in Nigeria, ethnicity comes to the forefront in forming the national team.
    When Portugal trounced Nigeria 4-0 in a friendly, an aggrieved Northerner said Southern Nigeria was defeated, for no single Northerner was deemed qualified enough to make it to the ‘national’ team.
    Europeans are doing their best to fight racism. Blacks are doing next to nothing to fight tribalism, ethnocentricism.

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      Mohammed Abbas Makamn Zazzau

      Mr. Abdullah, pardon me if I say that even the ethnocentrism mostly experienced within and between Africans is actively promoted and even financed by the same Europeans and America in order to make it easy for them to keep pillaging African resources and keep Africans “in check”, meaning under subjugation..!

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    John Elusiyan

    “The question that remains is why there’s no black Argentine in the national team even though 150,000 Argentines identify as black or Afro-Argentine.”

    I don’t think it makes any sense to link the lack of black players in the Argentine team to any current racism in that country. Sure, we can debate about how much effect segregation of the past has, but I’m willing to bet that there is no Argentine law that discriminates against black people.
    Even if the Argentine coach is a racist, why would he spoil his chance of winning by not picking a black player who is very good? As Dr Thomas Sowell once said, “A white person may prefer white people to black person, but he still prefers himself more than any other person.” A coach will put his own interests in winning above any prejudices he might have.


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