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    Abdullah Musa

    The Peter Obi project is an Igbo project. It has nothing to do with making a Hausa man Vice president. If there is a Hausa project for Nigerian presidency then Hausas should have created a group think around Rabi’u Kwankwaso from Kano state.
    Equally, were they inclined towards it, Northerners might have created group think around a Fulani man from Adamawa. But they haven’t done that yet.
    Igbos have whipped themselves into frenzy with regards to 2023 that in any non-Igbo mind alarm bells should start ringing, that this rabid quest for Nigeria’s presidency cannot be about making Nigeria better.
    And this is the crime of SOLUDO in the eyes of those managing Peter Obi, that how can an Igbo man, a notable one at that, speak against Peter Obi?
    May be there can never be a united Nigeria. In a modern Nigeria, a tribal association in the garb of Ohanaeze, Afenifere should not be the ones to tell those who speak their language whom to vote for in national elections.
    I as a Hausa man cannot be a member of Ohanaeze, nor that of Afenifere.
    If a Nigerian president is primarily a candidate of his tribe, then other tribes have no business wasting time electing him. Let that tribe elect any moron of their choice and BARK him into Aso Rock.


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