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    Khaled Maiwada Abdulsalam

    I think this is the most difficult and complex assignment you have ever undertaken, Your Excellency.
    Now ehat is competence?
    Competence simply means
    “the ability to do something successfully or efficiently”.
    Therefore in the context of politics and successfully running a polity, it will take more than ordinary ability to discern the limit of and downplay the importance of competence as a sole attribute in leadeship especially in successfully running a complex country like Nigeria.
    While competence cannot be just brush aside in successful leadership of Nigeria, yet many other leadeship attributes are sine quo non because of the relativity of the term “competence” which may work in one limited sphere such as Anambra state in the South East, but for differing socio-cultural and even economic reasons such “competence” may turn out to be incompetence in the North West, North East, South West or North Central because as Chinua Achebe rightly observed in one of his later days book that to achieve a goal by South Easterners, the fear of the higher power,religion and punishment in the hereafter for wrong doing, or the karma from the spirits does not deter him because to the South Easterner comes what may the end justifies the means…no check and balance (ie acquisition of money andcnaterial posssession by all means)
    But the whole North and the South have their sense of covetousness effectively checked by the invisible higher power whether in forms of hell fire fir the Muslims and Northern Christian or Juju as the case of the Yoruba.
    So here competence is just relative to a given socio-cultural group.


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