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    Ismail Misbahu

    There’s always a big question mark as to WHY must someones choose to abuse the sensitivity of a particular religious faith? Consequences of that may likely be more damaging than expected because sensitivity is not something that always goes with the normal.

    It happens and so it happened. Do you think it’s over? So long issues like that can’t be properly tabled for limits, chances are that killings and jungle justice like this would continue unabated in this country and God forbids.

    I don’t even think a good Christian could even for once think of, or even choose to, abuse Prophets. If by proper thinking this is done by a bad Christian, then one must expect consequences from bad Muslims too.

    Likewise if by biased politico-religious enmity, CAN—its pastors and bishops feel this act is only staged against a ‘good’ Christian who, under a perceived ‘freedom of speech’ wronged nobody, then there are also Muslim clerics who see nothing wrong about the consequences of her utterances.

    Of course no one could sense danger at the very time as Deborah couldn’t have alerted the school security about the happenings in their whatsapp group so much that they could monitor any hate speech that may engender public security. She sharpened the sword of her tongu her and so she becomes victim of it.!


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