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    Nice one bro, the problem of division in Nigeria started from colonial division as a nation, I have personally observe the our problems flows from the top as a nation, we truly detest ourselves among ethno region and religion level, we need a leveling ground which is good leadership

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      Ibrahim Lawal Ahmed

      We indeed need a leveling (common) ground @Henry. But what is good leadership?

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      Ibrahim Lawal Ahmed

      We need a leveling (common) ground indeed. But what is good leadership?

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    Jay Wax

    I. L. Ahmed displays a conscientious, scholarly and humanitarian approach to understanding his homeland of Nigeria. It is time for politician for assert education in world philosophy, in times when much of the media rhetoric is simplistically in bullying and primitive forms. He opens many doors of approach, and I think he is also advocating for Nigerians to find personal identity beyond and above control by a collective politically identity, and to apply such understandings in practical ways. I trust I. L. Ahmed’s ideas apply NOT only to Nigeria, but as a general hope for other nations to pick themselves up by the bootstraps as necessary.

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      Ibrahim Lawal Ahmed

      Thank you very much Jay Wax for your comments.


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