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    Lanre Obafemi

    This “criminality” Perspective is suspect. What we have seen in Southern Kaduna, Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Nassarawa and Plateau are not herdsmen versus cultivators clashes but armed invasions by Fulani Militias of MiddleBelt communities that were not at war with them. These invasions are facilitated by the Nigerian Armed Forces. The Airforce facilitated the attacks on Adamawa Middlebelt communities and the Army and police facilitated attacks on Benue, Taraba and Southern Kaduna communities. Representatives of the militias own up to the attacks , leaving representatives of the Nigerian state to look for other excuses. Not only does the state not inhibit , curb or fight the attacks , forces of the state facilitate them. Espousing some “criminality “perspective is merely throwing up another herring to obfuscate issues. It is not helpful towards understanding what is going on, but certainly helps the Fulani belliingerents


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